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About 67 percent of Newnan’s nearly 1,400 households are families. More than a third include children. Moms and dads are discovering the convenience of comprehensive family dentistry at one practice. Keeping smiles healthy and beautiful for patients of all ages is our specialty at Smiles of Newnan.

Pediatric Dentistry in Newnan


Correct home care for your own teeth or your child’s, and making informed dental treatment decisions starts with knowledge. Dr. Shrenna Clifton and her team eagerly share information on topics like nutrition, products, brushing and flossing techniques, tobacco, cavity prevention, and much more. They take as much time as necessary to answer questions.


To help each patient minimize the risk of dental disease and associated discomfort and expense, we provide:

  • Professional cleanings.
  • A thorough examination and high-tech diagnostics.
  • Fluoride treatments.
  • Dental sealants.

Oral Development

Your child’s first visits to the dentist form a lifelong mindset toward oral care. We make sure those experiences are positive. Meanwhile, Dr. Clifton carefully monitors the development and emergence of teeth, alignment of teeth and bite, the tendency for tooth decay, and overall oral wellness.


Despite your great home care and regular dental checkups, problems can occur. Dr. Clifton restores your smile efficiently with a full menu of general dentistry treatments, from fillings to dental implants, root canal therapy, extraction, inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges.

Smile Enhancers

We believe every member of the family deserves an attractive, confident smile. We make that happen with beautiful cosmetic treatments including teeth whitening, daVinci veneers, and orthodontics.


We understand how difficult it can be to fit multiple dental visits into busy lives. At Smiles of Newnan, we are happy to schedule consecutive appointments for family members to reduce travel and missed work.

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Carla C.

Dr. Clifton's office is amazing!! I would highly recommend her. She pampers all her patients with neck wraps and tv in every room to help patients with any dental phobia . She is also great with kids she has been treating mine since they were 2 years old. Office staff is very helpful and nice. Always at good experience at this office!!!!
Smiles of Newnan

Jacqueline S.

Love my smile by Dr. Clifton! It’s been over 15 years and everyone compliments my beautiful smile and teeth. 18 DaVinci veneers were my best option and Dr. Clifton helped me make the correct choice for a long lasting smile.
Smiles of Newnan

Dawn S.

Dr. Clifton is the best!! Her office is just beautiful and has state of the art equipment. Her staff is very sweet and professional. She did an amazing job on my son's new smile and he gets compliments everywhere we go.
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