Should You Invest in Invisalign? – Newnan, GA

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It’s hard to decide between braces and clear aligners because the two options both have advantages of their own. But if aesthetics is to be considered, the latter option wins! Many celebrities straighten their teeth using the transparent aligner, specifically Invisalign, because it is more discreet compared to the other alternative. But is it really worth it to invest in such? Let us at Smiles of Newnan discuss with you the pros and cons of Invisalign.


The Advantages Of Invisalign

Hassle-Free Impression Taking

Getting Invisalign is simple. Patients do not have to deal with sticky impression material anymore. Instead, our dentist will get the overall view of the person’s teeth using digital equipment. This tool also allows patients to have a quick look at their future smiles even if their treatment is still unfinished.

Convenient Orthodontic Device

What makes Invisalign aligner a convenient orthodontic appliance? It’s their removability! Yes, wearers can detach the transparent trays out from their mouths when eating, so foods will not accumulate on the device. They are also free to remove the aligner when cleaning their mouth and the Invisalign itself.

Lesser Dental Appointments

Dental professionals give out Invisalign aligners to their patients by set. In other words, going back to the clinic every month for adjustments is not necessary. The only time for Invisalign wearers to visit the dentist is during their routine checkups and when picking up their new set of aligners.

Weight Loss Effect

Adult patients may find losing weight one advantage of wearing Invisalign aligner. Since the removable device requires to be out from the mouth when eating, many wearers ended up snacking less, thereby beating weight gain.

The Disadvantages Of Invisalign

Not Completely Invisible

Depending on the orthodontic case of each patient, dentists may bond attachments on the teeth to move them effectively. These components may have the same look as the brackets used in clear braces.

Not A Flexible Solution

Invisalign cannot remedy extreme orthodontic problems, unlike traditional braces. The clear aligner is only for people who have mild to moderate bite issues.

Considering the pros and cons of Invisalign, we believe that it is still wise to invest in the said treatment—especially if you have light to average orthodontic problems. Although it has serious downsides, these disadvantages do not change the fact that clear aligners are much beneficial than metal braces.

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