How Professional Teeth Whitening Is Done – Newnan, GA

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Professional teeth whitening, as its name implies, is a procedure performed or provided by a dental professional or other people who are authorized by a dentist. Apart from the professional approach, other people are opting for products that can be easily purchased online or in physical stores. Since these options are cheaper and are claiming to be effective, people are easily enticed to buy them. Unfortunately, they are not as practical as people thought.

Over-the-counter products are not powerful enough to deliver the results people are expecting. It is even possible that no matter how often and how many products a person uses, their aim can remain unachievable. At Smiles of Newnan, we encourage our patients to not settle for less. For ideal results, it is best to opt for the professional approach with KöR, Zoom!, and Opalescence Whitening Systems.

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What to Expect During Professional Teeth Whitening

The entire procedure is not too complicated but the one who performs it should be good at avoiding the gum area to avoid causing injury to the patient. Depending on the processes involved, it may also require the expertise of the dental professional to operate the necessary tools.

Here are the things commonly performed during an in-office treatment:

  • Before proceeding with the procedure, the dentist will take note of the patient’s current teeth shade.
  • A grainy material will be used to polish the teeth and to remove plaque accumulations.
  • Retractors will be used to keep whitening agents from harming the tongue, lips, and cheeks. The teeth will also be kept dry by using gauze.
  • To avoid irritating the soft tissues in the mouth a barrier will be placed along the gumline for added protection.
  • The bleaching agent (usually hydrogen or carbamide peroxide) will then be applied on the surface of the teeth.
  • Depending on the type of whitening system, a special light is often used to activate the bleaching agents. The process is typically repeated for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Once the treatment duration is finished or if the target brightness is achieved, the whitening agents will be rinsed off. To help with the possible sensitivity, the dentist may apply fluoride.
  • If the patient is targeting a particular shade of white for their smile, additional appointments will be scheduled.

To get the most out of the overall experience, seeking professional opinion for the aftercare and touch-ups is best.

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