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Six Month Smiles®

Six months smile at Smiles by Shrenna Clifton, DDSYour smile is your opportunity to make a great first impression. It often speaks volumes about you before you even say a word. However, when you have crooked teeth, your smile is greatly affected. Crooked teeth can cause you to hide your smile, or not smile at all, both of which can leave the wrong impression. For several decades, the answer to crooked teeth has been metal braces. While highly effective, and still used today in many situations, braces do have their disadvantages. For one, they are very obvious. The metal mouth appearance they create can often lead to even more self-consciousness. Braces can also take several years to achieve the desired results. At Smiles by Shrenna Clifton, DDS, we can correct the appearance of crooked teeth in a fraction of the time with Six Month Smiles®.

Six Month Smiles®

Six Month Smiles® is a cosmetic treatment, not an orthodontic one, meant for straightening the teeth visible in your smile. In just a fraction of the time of traditional braces, Six Month Smiles® straightens crooked teeth and closes gaps, giving you a smile you have always wanted. Because it is a purely cosmetic treatment, it can only be used for crooked teeth or those with small gaps. It cannot correct bite problems or other orthodontic issues.

How It Works

Six Month Smiles® operates on a similar premise as traditional braces. It relies on brackets and wires to move the teeth. Your teeth are also moved at similar speeds. However, rather than correcting all of the teeth in your mouth, Six Month Smiles® targets only the teeth visible when you smile. Six Month Smiles® also uses tooth-colored, or sometimes clear, brackets and wires, rendering them practically invisible in your mouth.

Before the placement of the brackets and wires, you will first undergo a thorough oral examination. Along with a visual exam of your mouth, we will also take digital x-rays as well as impressions. These are all done to determine if Six Month Smiles® is truly the best solution for your situation. Next, we will determine proper bracket placement and secure the brackets to your teeth with special dental cement. The wires are then attached. Once we have finished placing your Six Month Smiles®, we will then set up monthly follow-up visits, during which we make small adjustments. After six months, when your teeth are properly aligned, the brackets and wires are removed, and you are provided with a retainer, which will help you to maintain your beautiful new smile.

The Benefits of Six Month Smiles®

There are numerous benefits associated with Six Month Smiles®, including:
•  Faster treatment time. Results are achieved in only six months.
•  Treatment is painless. Six Month Smiles® uses low force to ensure a more comfortable treatment period.
•  Affordable. Six Month Smiles® costs less than other options such as veneers and crowns.
•  Because the brackets and wires are tooth-colored, or clear, they blend in with the rest of your smile, making them more discreet.

With Six Month Smiles®, you will have straighter teeth, giving you a smile you have always wanted, in just a fraction of the time of traditional braces. Call Smiles by Dr. Shrenna Clifton today at (470) 400-2001 to find out if Six Month Smiles® is the right solution for you.
What our patients are saying about us.

  • "I love my new smile and get lots of compliments on how straight and bright my teeth look! It only took two appointments and no shots, Dr. Clifton, and her staff made it easy for me." ~ Ashley

  • "Dr. Clifton and staff are very professional. Love how friendly everybody was. I would highly recommend this place!" ~ Fred

  • "I have used Dr. Clifton for over 12 years and would not consider seeing any other dentist. She is caring, knowledgeable and gentle with her work. Her staff is professional, and the facility is very clean." ~ Allen

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